Clubbers of the Week: Week Four

Buckle in girls, this week is a sausage fest

The boys really took over the clubbers this week, raring and ready to become your winter boyfs (aka coats).

So, take a long look guys and gals, because these boys are ready to rock your world.

When you get tired of having hair flicked in your face

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Honestly, just piss off

Guess who's procrastinating their diss right now

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The next MNB album will be dropping before Christmas x

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When you see your boy pulling a 10/10 from across the room

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He's more interested in the nude he's just received

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"So lads, welcome to fingering 101"

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Snow White and the dodgy foot

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If you get this reference then you're welcome, if you don't then pls leave x

Guess which flatmate always steals the milk?

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These are the only type of jugs they will be getting tonight

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Hehe, so punny