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Clubbers of the Week: Week Three

So much deep throating your parents would be proud


Welcome back to the clubbers' weekly special. Take a five minute break from your deadlines and laugh at your fellow Brookes companions.

When you have MNB at 11 but a business call at 11:15

"Bro give me a hickey it'll look really cool"

On a scale of one to deep throat – how horny are you?

I didn't realise Oxford students were such arseholes

Welcome to this weeks' meeting, today we will be discussing virginity

Is that a palm tree or are you happy to see me?

Are you from Brookes? Because I'd love to Slytherin

Hogwarts or Uni of?

What do you mean 4 VKs are now £11.80?!

That's not what we meant by "take out the bins"

Monty, add this to your CV x

We're all very impressed