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The top 10 places to take a date in Oxford

Stop it you’re making me blush

Oxford is a city with plenty of romance and a lot of cheeky hideouts off the beaten track that not many people know about.

If you're looking for somewhere to take your new tinder match or that gorgeous one who's always flirting with you in lectures, then consider a trip to one of these love dens.

The House

It's been featured in Vogue and Elle magazine and it's pretty damn sexy with all its designer furniture lurking about. There's a private terrace for special occasions and although it may seem a bit pretentious, it certainly won't fail to impress.

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If this isn't cosy I don't know what is.

Sandy's Piano Bar

If your date likes banging (on some piano keys obviously) and a bit of live music, then Sandy's piano bar is perfect. It's super groovy and if your conversation comes to an awkward standstill, you can pretend you're in the zone and nod your head to the music or something.

Plus, there are acts on every night and at weekends until 3am. If your date's schedule doesn't fit in with those opening hours then it's probably time to give up.

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Candlelit table for two please

Turf Tavern

Down a cobbled alley located near the Bodleian library you'll find this absolute gem. The dimly lit vibe and low ceilings create quite the atmosphere. The tranquility and secrecy of this one make it all the more special and your date is bound to fall in love with it in seconds, if not you.

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Not quite home turf but it'll do

The Ashmolean Rooftop Restaurant

Many people visit but don't notice the stairs which lead up to a beautiful rooftop spot for you and your date. Pop on up to seek out this classy dig and have a chat about how you're literally so into the edgy contemporary art in the museum below.

The Varsity Club

Wanna win your date over and be in with a chance of bringing him/her back to yours afterwards? Then this is the place. It's horrendously classy with stunning views of Ox, glamarous people floating about and has three floors. Make sure your date is worth it and you've got enough dolla though, as this one isn't the cheapest.

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A good time to point out some future date locations…

Cafe Baba

Baa Baa black sheep have you any date? If you do then head down to this quirky Spanish themed bar in Cowley. There's good music, sofas and the chance to enjoy a bit of tapas in this candlelit beauty. The funky jungle-like palm garden out the back is excelente and also worth checking out.

The Alchemist

It's one of Oxford's most flashy cocktail bars and doesn't disappoint when it comes to variety. There are absolutely loads to choose from and if you're date isn't going to plan, then get yourself The Alchemist's 'life's a beach' cocktail and entertain yourself by watching some of the mixology wizardry that goes down at the bar.

Pretend you designed that light hanging up?

The George Street Social

Brunch always goes down a treat and The George Street Social is a cute one if you're looking for a bit of midday munch after a night out. Anyway, people are way sexier when they're hungover, right?

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Isn't this just the cutest lil' place

The Bear

Grrr. The bear is tucked away down a side street just off High Street and is perfect if you want your date to be a little discreet and get an intimate chat going. There are also some cute benches outside with the addition of some classy heaters, so need to worry about getting cold and having to lend your date a jumper which you'll probably never see again.

The Chequers

Another one down an alley here. It's just off the busy High Street and missed by many. The Chequers is a traditional pub which doesn't get too noisy and is unlikely to have a bunch of The Lads™ sinking pints and wolf-whistling at you while you chat up your date. If you want to get competitive there are also a few board games to choose from as well, funnily enough.

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Vibey cobbled alley for your date to walk down. It's not quite the red carpet but hey ho

You've got a few to choose from now. Pick a time, place and play ball.