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Oxford Brookes emailed students’ personal details to 2,000 people at uni

Information included addresses and phone numbers

An email containing a spreadsheet of students' personal data has been emailed to 2,000 Brookes students.

The email concerned the university's Global Buddies Scheme, which which offers support to international students joining Brookes. However, a spreadsheet of students' data was mistakenly attached to the email and sent to 2,000 students.

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The uni quickly released a follow-up

Students have been told to permanently delete the email and have been warned not to pass on its contents. They have been told to distribute it is a criminal offence.

John Kirk, Academic Registrar and Director of Academic and Student Affairs at Brookes, notified students of this breach through an email, apologising for the breach in data security. They added that while they considered the security implications for those compromised to be low, they intend to conduct "a thorough internal investigation."

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The email sent out to students' who had their details on the spreadsheet

Tyler, a third year student whose data was leaked, told The Brookes Tab: "It's just so upsetting how people had the ability to know where my family lives, where I live in Oxford and many other details that make me and my friends trackable. It's a massive invasion of privacy."

Another student, Katie, said: "I only found out about this when they sent the email notifying me of this incident. The issue I have with this is that I don't know who or how many people have seen my data and that's extremely unnerving."