Freshers in Clive Booth halls are currently having to use portable bathrooms and have no hot water

At least this hasn’t happened in December

Residents of Clive Booth halls are currently without hot water and having to use portable bathrooms, one week after moving in.

Shower stalls are currently being set up by the nursery in Clive Booth, to hopefully finally provide freshers with a warm welcome.

The temporary shower stalls will provide Clive Boothers with a chance to relive those summer festival memories whilst getting their hot water fix.

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An email was circulated to students about the issue, which read:

"Dear student,

"The University has become aware of an issue affecting the gas supply leading up to the Clive Booth Student Village.

"Although the issue is off-site and does not present a safety risk, it will need to be fixed and as a result the gas supply has been turned off today (22 September) for certain areas of Clive Booth Student Village.

"This unfortunately means that hot water reserves serving you and fellow residents in affected areas of halls will run down during the course of today. The issue may also affect hot water supply tomorrow, depending on how quickly the problem can be fixed.

"Cold water supply will be unaffected. Electricity power will also continue to work as usual in your room and kitchens.

"We understand that you will wish to have access to alternative facilities and the University has been working hard overnight and today to ensure that alternative options are in place.

"Firstly, this issue is affecting you and fellow students in undergraduate blocks A, B & C-M. Therefore, if you have friends in Blocks N to X or in the Postgraduate Centre at Clive Booth, their hot water is unaffected and may be able to help. If you have people you know in other halls of residence or student houses, this of course might also provide an alternative to you over this period.

"The University has taken measures to secure temporary shower facilities on the Clive Booth site which are free for you to use and are currently in the process of being installed. The 12 showers are located by K block, opposite the Nursery building.

"Additionally, the University has free shower facilities on campus which students are also welcome to use."

Sean Keeley, president of Brookes Union told The Brookes Tab: "We recognise that this is a really unfortunate situation for our members. After inspecting the temporary showers, we are currently satisfied with the efforts the University have made to rectify the consequences of the gas leak, especially given the issue is off-site."

If you’re not up to braving the temporary shower stalls, you can always pop up to the JHB, the Clerici building, or you can just have a cold one!