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21 crazy facts about OxEvents’ Freddie Goodall that you wouldn’t believe

You probably know who he is

Freddie Goodall, co-founder of OxEvents, turns the massive 21 years today. From organising the biggest events in Oxford to being a general BNOC, he sure has some interesting stories.

In light of achieving being alive on this planet for 21 years, his pals gave us some good goss on one of the best known faces around Oxford.

He used to own Cheney Student Village

Back in 2015 he apparently owned 51 per cent of Chateau de Cheney.

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He is grade seven piano

By the age of 13 he had already achieved grade seven piano and his favourite song is Journey – Don’t Stop Believing.

His wardrobe is limited

He only wears Slazenger Y-fronts, this is due to losing a bet at the start of school from a mate.

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Rumours have it that he runs Oxford

From owning the events scene, he is a big name around town.

Sparkling water is his life

He only drinks Sparkling San Pellegrino water, so last year he decided to white label a Yo Sushi sparkling water machine in his room.

He has a heart of gold

If you know, you know.

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He keeps his love life very, very secretive

Goodall apparently has had secret girlfriends that nobody has known about. Also, he loves fishing.

Apparently he is bilingual

According to his friend, he is fluent in five languages: northern English, Spanish, French, Italian and Turkish.

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He is a great cuddler

Freddie completed cuddling in second year at Brookes and earned the title of Cuddle Captain of 2016.

Modelling is also his forte

He used to model for Crocs but then refused to sign a new contract as they became too mainstream.

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He is a store owner

As well as his annual Halloween shop, Freddie owns 33 per cent of Fred's Discount Store.

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He gives to charity

Goodall goes for weekly meals at the homeless shelter because he is a top bloke. He hangs out with Simon there on the regular.

His best friend is Zappi

Fyi, Sam Zappi is the short Italian guy. You know, the one that hangs out with Toff.

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He is a heartbreaker

He breaks one heart a year. We send our prayers.

Freddie's drinking style is unusual

He doesn’t sip on drinks, his motto is 'eat it or wear it'.

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He has secret businesses

Apparently Fred runs a tanning salon and nail bar on Cowley Road which not many people know about him.

He couldn't master a Master's

He did a Master's at Brookes but unfortunately this didn’t go very well which is why he is still here.

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Goodall used to be a warden

As well as apparently owning Cheney, he also used to be a warden in Cheney, just to prove he is a people person.

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Freddie always delivers

He worked as a postman in first year, ultimately signing a contract with Royal Mail.

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A wedding is on the cards

Rumours have it that he is getting engaged in the summer. Tickets for the event can be bought from reps for £5.

His after parties are legendary

Even though he is busy organising the biggest events in Oxford *cough* Freshers' Week 2018 *cough*, he also has had some crazy afters. Even the infamous Cara Delevingne turned up to one.