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Law exam left to wait in silence for 40 minutes while more additional booklets were found

Not ideal really

Third year law students who took their Equity and Trusts exam on Monday were left outraged after they were forced to wait 40 minutes in silence due to an absence of statue booklets, making it impossible to do their exam.

Whilst waiting for the statue booklets to be printed, which took three attempts, students were not allowed to talk or leave the examination room in the King's Centre.

Evan Morris, a third year law student who was in Monday's exam, told The Tab fellow students were "fed up" they weren't allowed a break whilst they waited for the booklets.

Evan said: "Everyone was complaining, and it was unfair that we had to sit in silence without being allowed to take a break or look at notes while the problem was being sorted.

"When students asked what was going on they were told to wait.''

The students still had two hours to do the exam, which was meant to start at 1.30pm, although it evidently caused a great deal of inconvenience.