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How to survive the end of semester as a fresher without murdering your grades, social life or flatmates

When your motivation is declining, sleep pattern is non-existent and diet is mostly vodka

That’s right, we’ve reached the last few weeks of semester. Deadlines are coming in hot and we all feel a bit worse for wear.

If your stress level is currently senior year Troy Bolton, then give these somewhat tried and tested tips a quick read, because we’re all in this together.

Embrace the beauty of a £2 microwave meal

You may be swearing at a Gordon Ramsay level right now, but it's time to accept that this semester you aren't going to be serving up Michelin star meals on the daily. Ready meals mean more free time and less washing up, plus stabbing the plastic film with a fork is a great way to relieve stress.

Stay up past your bed time

If it's three in the morning and you're on a roll typing an essay, stick with it and stop stressing about your lecture that's just a few hours away. Because let's be honest, when did going to sleep early actually make you go to your lectures?

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Make the occasional fashion faux pas

There's some people that always seem to look effortlessly cool, and that's because they just genuinely don't care. Sometimes a baggy jumper and joggers is actually okay, it's a few hours at JHB not the Met Gala.

Let your liver and bank account recover

Your absence may cause Atik a dip in profits for the night but don't be afraid of a Friday night in. Girls and guys spend a huge amount of time getting ready for nights out they don't really wanna go on, which seems crazy when a ten minute trip to Londis can get you a pizza and a bottle of wine for the perfect Netflix night in.

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Have something to look forward to

Reading and typing your life away somehow seems slightly less soul-destroying when Hermes texts you to let you know your new shoes are on their way, or the Deliveroo driver pulls up to the door with a Mighty Meaty.

Get some D

The sun has officially made an appearance so grab a picnic blanket and some revision and head outside. Benefits include vitamin D, cute Instagram posts and doggo spotting.

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Stop stressing the summer bod

The sports bar is next to the gym for a reason; so you can opt for a few pints instead of a few pulled muscles. Give those rock hard abs a well needed rest.

Don't feel guilty for taking a day off

A day spent in bed watching trash TV shouldn't make you feel like you've failed at life. Some days should be spent in a dressing gown eating beans on toast. Who knows, maybe watching a series of Bake Off is just the kind of inspiration you need for your next essay?

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Find cheat ways of being productive

If a day off is entirely out of the question make the most of the easy tasks on your to do list. Collecting resources or making revision notes are still important jobs, and will make you feel less like a zombie by the end of the day.

Do the work, submit the work, and forget about the work

As soon as you finish your work or exam kiss it goodbye (or send it off with a flip of the middle finger). Stop stressing what you can't change and get absolutely battered instead. You deserve it.

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