Breaking: Brookes lecturers are preparing to strike with exam season approaching

Strikes are likely to start after Easter

Lecturer strikes have been making their way across the country over the past few months and causing uproar amongst students who are angry that they're paying £9000 a year for their lecturer to simply not show up.

Brookes lecturers have not been taking action as they're part of a different union, as well as the fact we never turn up to lectures so wouldn't even notice if our lecturers didn't.

However, it seems they are still preparing for some striking of their own due to their disgust at student behaviour, they want change before the beginning of the next academic year.

A secret source has told The Tab Brookes: "Lecturers at Brookes are fed up with the behaviour of students, coming in hungover and stinking of VKs after a sesh at Fishies is just simply not acceptable."

Some universities have been punishing their staff for striking due to their pension cuts, including University of Kent who proposed a fifty per cent pay cut if the lecturers failed to reschedule their classes.

The strikes are likely to be taking place after the Easter break as exams are due to start, and deadlines are coming thick and fast. We can only imagine that students are going to be in uproar as soon as they're back from their restful time at home.

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