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We asked The Deli on Cowley Road what they really think about Brookes students

If you’ve ever been to Fishies, you’ve defo been here

Baldip Jabble, known to most as "Deep", is the proud owner of The Deli on Cowley Road.

You'll probably recognise The Deli from the Wednesday nights that you and your sports team stumbled all the way there, arms and legs taped together.

The notorious off-licence is famous for its cheap booze and as a prime location for Fishies pre-drinks – the low prices are absolutely lethal.

Anyone that's been to The Deli knows that Deep is literally the sweetest lady ever to hand you a three litre bottle of Frosty Jack's.

Because of the huge popularity of The Deli amongst Brookes students, we had to pop along and find out what she thought of us lot.

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What's the strangest fancy dress costume you've seen from a Brookes Student?

We get loads of different costumes in here, I remember last week there was a guy wearing a pink tutu pretending to be a ballerina, that was pretty strange.

Have you had any strange requests from Brookes customers?

I had someone ask me if we sold toilet paper, I have no idea why you would think we would have that here?

Best memory of Brookes students in The Deli?

There are so many it's hard to say. I think the time the rugby boys were here and they wanted to kiss the rugby shirt we have hanging up. They got on each other's shoulders and when they finally managed to do it everyone went crazy, it was wonderful seeing everyone having such a good time.

You don't mind having that sort of thing going on in the shop?

No, not at all. I just love seeing you guys enjoying yourselves and having a good time. I think it's fantastic seeing you all so jolly.

Have you ever had any serious issues with Brookes students?

Honestly, never. Everyone from Brookes we have ever had in The Deli has been so kind, humble, honest and happy. I've never had to kick anyone out.

Sometimes the shop gets really busy, especially on Wednesdays and even then you all queue up wonderfully. Everyone is honest, we've never had anyone steal any drinks or anything. I really think you are all so kind and generous.

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Why do you think The Deli is so popular amongst Brookes students?

I think it's because of the fantastic deals we do. We guarantee competitive prices, we even offer perks. If it's your birthday and you show your ID as proof we will give you a free gift. If you buy in bulk we offer discounts for that too.

If you could tell Brookes students one thing, what would it be?

For the best deals in town, pop into The Deli, we will always treat you right and with a smile. We offer the most competitive prices in Oxford and that's a promise We are also getting cardboard cutouts outside The Deli very soon so you can tag yourself when you come here.