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BREAKING: All written exams will now be taking place at the King’s Centre

The change will take place from May this year

Examinations will no longer be taking place at their usual campuses and instead will be taking place at the King's Centre on Osney Mead.

The Oxford Brookes website states: ''We're moving all standard written exams to the King's Centre in Oxford city centre from May 2018.''

The move will mean that students will have to travel miles away to an off campus location for their exams this semester in May rather than a short walk to the Sports Centre. This means that all end of year exams will take place there.

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Although an exam bus will be put on, this will undoubtedly be overcrowded and obviously lead to complete utter chaos.

Increased commuting time, stress and a lack of resources at the King's Centre are just some of the reasons why students are not keen on the proposal.

There is currently an ongoing petition created by Harry Bower, next year's VP of Academic Experience for Brookes Union, in an effort to stop our exams moving to King's Centre.

Students have not been consulted about the change of location and are currently up in arms about the news, with many signing a petition against the move.

The Student Union will be commenting on this change tomorrow.