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Fishies closed early last night because of burst water pipes

Refunds will be given from 3pm today

Hearts were broken last night in the O2 Academy due to the 11:45pm close. Everyone was evacuated and there were VKs still left to be drank. It was literally the worst thing to ever happen to Brookes.

According to the O2 Academy, water pipes had burst, which consequently caused the night to end early.

Refunds will be available from the box office from 3pm to 6pm today. So head on down and try not to cry when you think of all the VKs you weren't able to drink.

The O2 Academy released this statement in light of last night's disaster:

"So it turns out our Fishies Spring Break was a little different to the one you had in mind.

"The recent freeze, and following thaw, made some of our pipes quite literally break which, unfortunately, threw a bit of a spanner in the works of your Spring Break revelry.

"Our apologies. Normal service has now been resumed and we're ready – pipes and all – for Spring. We hope to see you back at the bar."

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Ox Events have also said: "We can only apologise for the inconvenience caused last night – we will be back next Wednesday with a few surprises in store."