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The Queen of the Jungle is coming to MNB this February

She may be little but she was the Toff-est

If you missed it at Christmas, Made in Chelsea star, Georgia Toffolo, was living it up in the jungle while on I'm a Celeb. She flirted with Kiosk Keith and gagged on crickets, Huntsman spiders and other monstrosities, all in the name of TV.

Toff's bubbly personality, sweet natured positivity, willingness to commit to all her challenges and doting affection for Stanley Johnson led to her winning the title of Queen of the Jungle.

Monday, 5th February, Toff will be gracing MNB once again as our VIP guest. As a lover of the club, Toff was spotted last March giving a cheeky thumbs up next to Chicken Connoisseur. This time she will be doing a live PA, so make sure to ask her what sheep's anus tastes like – we all want to know.

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Don't they make a cute couple?

Bonus points if you can get her to strawpedo a VK while she's there.