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Here’s why you should write for The Tab Brookes this Semester

It’s the perfect path to a job in the media industry

This semester we are looking to expand our team in order to become even bigger and even better.

Anyone can join, it doesn't matter which subject you study or whether you're joining to get experience in journalism or just to have fun. We want to hear your ideas for articles.

It's a great addition to any CV, but moreover it's fun. We write fun stories that students want to read and have loads of socials.

In case you needed any more persuading, here are what some of our past and present writers have to say about their time at The Tab Brookes.

Tyler Seeley, Second Year, English Literature

When coming into university, I already had a strong ambition to become a journalist. From walking around the house when I was a little girl interviewing my family, to becoming Editor of The Tab Brookes, The Tab allowed me to become what I wanted.

The first article I wrote for The Tab received 120,000 views and is still rising! I never thought I could achieve that, until I joined.

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I cannot stress enough how amazing this looks on your CV, whether you're a writer or an editor, you have published your work and that is already more than a lot of others have achieved.

We cover the maddest stories on campus, such as when the ski trip last year was so rowdy that they all lost their deposits and the sports social that resulted in being put on the anti-social behaviour watch list for spitting and urinating on cars.

We also hold some very boozy socials, one time we were lost in London, in full black tie and too drunk to find the OxTube back home. We ended up sitting on the side of the road with a chicken burger, a dildo and an Australian couple. Don't ask.

Moreover, as cheesey as it sounds, The Tab Brookes allows you to meet valuable people in your life, network and really mould you into the best you can be. All while completing your degree.

Sam Cunningham, Third Year, Communication Media and Culture with Publishing Media

Writing for The Tab helped me to discover the direction that I wanted to take with my career. It has also allowed me to create a portfolio of published works which I can show to future employers.

Russell Sheldrake, Graduate, English Language and Communications

Writing for The Tab was an incredible experience for me. At the same time it also provided me with incredible experience. Thanks to my time writing for The Tab I was offered a job from a news site that has 100 million readers every month, before I knew my final grade.

Being able to cover everything from breaking news round campus to interviewing some of the biggest personalities meant I got to meet all sorts of people in and outside the university.

There is nothing that could have prepared me better for the world of journalism. You’d be mad to go all three years at Brookes without having a go at writing an article and getting yourself published.

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Emily Gray, Second Year, English Literature

The Tab has allowed me to explore my creative capacity and make some great pals along the way. I know that finding a job when I graduate will be made a bit easier with my experience from the Tab!

Lauren McNamara, Graduate, English Language and Communications

When I decided I wanted to be a journalist, I found the Tab through an article just like this and I never looked back. Fellow writers turned out to be some of my closest friends, and I have had some of the best experiences with The Tab.

I got to interview a student who did his dissertation in 36 hours, and I got to report on things that matter to students the most, like sexist club names, Stormzy, and where to get the strongest drinks on Cowley road. I’ve had a story picked up by the Sun, and got to do work experience in London.

Now I’ve graduated, I realise how much The Tab helped me land my current job. The experience of writing for a national newspaper, and having that something extra on my CV which showed initiative, drive, and being part of something great got me where I am today. The Tab is one of the fastest growing publications in the UK, and you should definitely be part of it.

Benedict Lelijveld, Third Year, Biological Science

Writing for the Tab was a great way for me to flex my creative muscles despite doing a BSc. It's always a good time at meetings, looks great on my CV and has giving me a few opportunities I never thought I would ever have.

If you are at all interested in journalism or just want a few new drinking buddies, The Tab is a good shout. Just don't try to pull saying you're a writer.

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If you see fancy having a go then simply just sign up here or message us on our Facebook page to find out more and check out our latest stories.

We are also having an open meeting on the 26th January at the Angel and Greyhound on St Clements at 6:30pm. Everyone is welcome, just come along and say hi!

We look forward to meeting you!