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You’re mad if you don’t think spending Christmas abroad is so much better

Just think about happy hour on Christmas day

Whilst the days have been getting colder and grimmer at home, some people have fled abroad. Whether to the slopes or the sun, they might be on to something. Here are the reasons why spending Christmas abroad is so much better.

Christmas Cocktails

Whilst it is undeniable that mulled wine is a highlight of the Christmas months, there is fruity heaven at a tiki bar by the ocean. Happy hour, the sunset and a few mojitos later and you soon forget the lukewarm wine of your homeland.

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Christmas games take on a new meaning

Zip wires, horseback riding and boat rides across crystal blue seas. A family competition of Pat-Pat, sandcastle making and volleyball on the warm sand. Although they are slightly different from the card games and monopoly, they won't leave someone in tears and a family feud by the end of the day.

You get a tan that isn't spray on

Not that there is anything wrong with the pasty look, but a few deadlines and too many nights out can leave you looking in need of some rays. Get yourself a prime spot on the beach for a few weeks and you can come back in January, refreshed and ready to go.

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Sun, sun, sunnnn

The last few months of grey skies and deadlines have taken their toll. Anyone would be mad not to get out and have a change of scenery. If going on a family roadtrip along the M5 doesn't quite give you enough adventure then hop on a plane, sometimes the grass is actually greener on the other side.

You develop new Christmas traditions

A swim in the sea on Christmas day is not a bad way to end the festive period. A barbeque on the beach for Christmas Eve dinner is not the worst either, in fact.

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Unique Christmas photos

Whilst everyone else will have theirs in tacky Christmas jumpers around a crowded table. You will have them on a beach, Father Christmas hat intact, looking bronzed and beautiful. Don't forget the instagrammable bikini pictures that could be taken.

You basically get two Summers

Imagine looking radiant and relaxed when you return to uni in January, rather than pale and plump like everyone else. When everyone else comes back with tales of yet another trip home, you will be able to tell them tales of the exotic lands beyond the English Channel.

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