Brookes’ Most Eligible Bachelorette 2017: Heat Five

You’ll want one of these girls for Christmas

It's Christmas and what is better than a gorgeous bachelorette by the fire, drinking mulled wine and watching movies? Nothing. But the real question is, which of these bachelorettes should be crowned the most eligible in Brookes?

Vote below for which Christmas star should win.

Gemma Lucas, Second Year, Sports Science

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According to her friends, Gemma is the biggest psycho around. But she's the type you will want to keep around forever. She's beautiful and a lacrosse star, so line up, gentlemen.

Holly Arundell, Second Year, Law

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Holly is gorgeous, promiscuous, fierce and does anything to get what she wants, according to her mates. This bachelorette is apparently a winner with the boys.

Hayley Creech, Second Year, Economics

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This beaut bachelorette is known all across Brookes. You can find this american dream in Fishies, breaking hearts and smashing VKs. Her friends say, that if you know her, you know why.

Maya Osmaston, Second Year, Business and Marketing

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Maya is a glitter queen who shines everywhere she goes, everyone stops and stares for this lovely lady. Hopefully one lucky bachelor will have a romantic meal with her, sipping the finest red bull this bachelorette can offer.