Brookes’ Most Eligible Bachelorette 2017: Heat Four

They are just too perfect

It is the fourth heat in our endeavors to find Brookes' most eligible bachelorette and we have another line-up of gorgeous girls for you.

From sesh to selfie Queen, it is your time to vote for which bachelorette you think should be crowned.

Emily Paul, Second Year, Geography

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on the left

Emily is know as a sesh head who will never miss a Fishies and her friends describe her to be a very humble girl who loves a kebab. Despite all of this, Emily still manages to maintain her grades and beat her PBs in rowing after a week on the booze.

Jess Lander, Second Year, International Relations and Politics

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As she takes a banging selfie before every night out, Jess always rakes over a hundred likes for every one she posts. This beautiful girl apparently pars off anyone below an eight out of 10, so you've got to work for it if you want it.

Saskia Lewis, Second Year, Early Childhood Studies

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This gorgeous bachelorette apparently needs a boy who can keep up with her. Better get your trainers on, bachelors.

Rachael Logan, Second Year, Accounting and Finance

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This bachelorette is an absolute ten out of ten and has an irish accent that could make your heart melt. Rachael is currently the only single girl in her house and it's time to change that. Form an orderly queue – she's a keeper.

Savanaugh Robertson, Second Year, French, Spanish and International Relations

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According to her friends, Sav is a sesh Queen looking for her King. You can find her in VIP, looking beaut by the bar and she apparently has the best bum at Brookes.