Brookes’ Most Eligible Bachelorette 2017: Heat Three

Apparently they all have great bums

We are half way through our gorgeous bachelorettes and it is safe to say, the competition is steep. In this heat we have beautiful girls with everything from brains, banter and banging bums.

It is your time to decide which of these lovely ladies could be Brookes' most eligible bachelorette 2017.

Briony Grout, Third Year, Human Biology

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Briony's friends say that she's a complete ten out of ten. Even though she may look sweet and cute on the outside, Briony's got brains, can sink more VKs than most and still turn up to her nine am with her eyeliner on fleek.

Lucy Powell, Third Year, Psychology

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Lucy's friends describe her to be beautiful, inside and out with great banter.

Sophie Leonard, Third Year, Animal Biology and Conservation

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Sophie is the first known person to complete tinder according to her mates and is the Queen of Instagram captions. She apparently is looking for her David Attenborough and won't settle for any less.

Katie Starns, First Year, Event Management

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Katie is known for being a star Lacrosse player on and off the pitch. So much so, we can imagine this beautiful bachelorette scores every time.

Harriet Rowlands, Second Year, International Business Management

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As well as being incredibly fit, Harriet is known to her friends as having a gazing personality, peachy ass and is loved by all. Moreover, they also say that Harriet has a "designer vagina".