People are already queueing outside Finders Keepers to get a house for next year

The housing lists go live on Tuesday

Groups of people are already queueing outside Finders Keepers in the hope of getting their house of choice when 'The List' goes live on Tuesday. This is the third year running where people are camping out in the hopes of getting their dream house.

Some of the people already waiting outside will have been waiting a total of 73 hours before Finders Keepers actually opens with the housing list for next year.

Most people will be queuing from the early hours on Tuesday when the list actually comes out, but these troopers are in it to win it and braving the cold for the house of their dreams.

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First years, Charlie and Oscar, studying Real Estate and Sports Coaching, have been there since 1pm this afternoon. They had pints from the pub next door and a friend was bringing them a tent and a mattress so they could camp out, all in the hope of securing a house on Divinity road.

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A group of 4th year Medics from University of Oxford were also there, and had been since yesterday at 8am. One of them said: "I'm not sure if this was worth it, but we'll get a nice house and save two grand each over three years."

It is due to rain tonight and temperatures will be freezing through tonight and tomorrow. Let's hope their student house is worth it.

Good luck.