Brookes’ Most Eligible Bachelorette 2017: Heat Two

Which of these girls should be crowned?

Honestly, we cannot think of a place where we can get such beautiful people other than Brookes. So, in order to display our beauty, we have the next line-up of stunning bachelorettes waiting for your votes.

But who do you think is the most eligible?

Angelica Meacham, 2nd year, Hospitality

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As well as being an absolute beauty, she has also had 'great reviews' according to her friend.

Jessica Gutaj, 2nd year, International Business Management

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According to her friends, as well as being a good fun, Jessica has got great banter. This means that this bachelorette will always make you laugh and show you a good time, boys.

Maia Henderson, 3rd year, Geography and Sociology

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As Social Sec of lacrosse and an absolute pocket rocket, most will ask why is Maia even still single? But don't worry, we are sure one of our bachelors can change that.

Adri Silva, 1st year, Hospitality

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Adri is a Spanish model – do we need to say more?

Ella Sheaky, 2nd year, Business and Marketing

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Her friends believe that Ella has got the best boobs at Brookes and she is filthy rich. The ultimate combination for an eligible bachelorette.