Oxford’s first fully vegan restaurant is coming to Cowley Road

Happy Friday Kitchen opens on the 25th November

Vegans all over Oxford, rejoice! Finally something to tantalise your leafy tastebuds.

The restaurant will be serving classic comfort foods such as fried 'chicken', macaroni cheese, burritos and pizza. As well as coffee, fresh baked goods, beer and cocktails. ALL VEGAN.

The restaurant is inspired by the owners road trip across America. 24-year-old Lola Dixon wanted to create somewhere both meat eaters and veggies can find something they love on the menu, and this looks like the perfect place.

Happy Friday Kitchen is already raking in five star reviews on Facebook and growing a massive following on their instagram.

Despite its high population of vegans, Oxford has very few restaurants that actually cater for them. It's vegan's time to shine and Cowley Road better be ready for this plant-based invasion.