Brookes’ Most Eligible Bachelor 2017: Heat Three

A heat full of hotties, our favourite

It is the third heat. Call your parents, your siblings, your dog, your neighbour's parrot and your Tinder shags. We are half way through and the competition just got hotter.

These are the next in line for your vote, but which one of these beauts should be crowned Brookes' most eligible bachelor this year?

Ed Chrusciel, 2nd year, Sports and Exercise Science

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That jawline votes for itself.

Joscel Manirambona, 1st year, Law

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Joscel is know for being an amazing guy, who is funny and takes care of all his friends. That is the recipe for bachelor of the year and even Mary Berry would approve.

George Shaw, 3rd year, Psychology

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George's friends say that he is charming, sophisticated, would show you the night of your life and then cuddle you afterwards. Ladies, line up.

Oliver Bridges, 1st year, Business and Management

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After winning Brookes' Maddest Fresher 2017, why would you not want to vote for him for most elibible bachelor? He will woo you with snakebites at the sports bar, how romantic.

Tom Gyngell, 3rd year, Business Management

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According to his friend, Tom is looking for somebody who'll look after him after a Wednesday night and tell him everything will be okay. His lucky lady will have to love rugby as Tom is the Senior Social Sec of Union and they'll have to accept that he's a bit of a nerd when it comes to gaming. He is apparently also a huge softie so expect lots of cuddles, girls.