Brookes’ Most Eligible Bachelor 2017: Heat One

Which of these hotties should be crowned?

Is it getting hot in here? That's because it is finally the first heat of Brookes' most eligible bachelor 2017 and it is safe to say we have got the very best of the best lined up for you.

So sit back, relax and vote for which of these absolute hunks should be crowned.

Tom Tash, 2nd year, Law

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Tom's friends believe that he has by far the shittest chat at Brookes yet still manages to 'chop' based purely on his looks. Tom Tash claims to be 'really, really good in bed' and he's ready to settle down with the top bachelorette.

Oh and he sings and plays piano for Coldplay covers. *swoon*

Toby Hill, 2nd year, Business Management

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Toby is known to his peers as a proper gentleman, on a night out he will always make sure everyone is okay and get home safe. He is not considered a 'ladies man' by his friends because he does not sleep around, which means he is in it for the long run, girls.

He’s looking for someone to call him their equal and are on the same page as him, but more importantly someone that is just fun. Also, he apparently has a soft spot for gingers.

Henry Spalding, Second year, Economics, Finance and International Business

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You might know him from his fan page JustHenryxoxo and you'll be sure to know him on a night out. His friends say that if he isn't in love with you then he's in love with himself. Let's hope this bachelor can change his ways and find a bachelorette to love.

William Baird, 1st year, Hospitality

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on the right

He looks like Tom Felton's stunt double and is a Cheney boy, born and bred.

Joseph Hamilton, 2nd year, Real Estate

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When he is not driving around Oxford in his Defender while telling the time on his shiny rolex, he takes his dates to the most romantic pubs in town. His favourite places to wine and dine are The Trout and The Perch inn and if that is not bachelor-worthy, then we don't know what is.