PSA to all boys: Stop being creepy with girls in clubs

We’re just trying to have a good night with our friends, thanks

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The majority of girls have been in a situation where they’ve been made to feel uncomfortable in a club. We have rough idea of our plan for the night and at no point are creepy boys part of it. Our plan for the night is to go out with our mates, have a few too many drinks and dance like we have some idea of what we’re doing.

Unfortunately, creepy boys seem to become a big part of our night every time we go out. They’re part of our night the moment we step out of the house. From the catcalls on the street to the eyes that give us full body checks on the way to pre-drinks. Because of these charming acts, a lot of us don’t feel safe walking the two minutes to our friend’s house.

In the club, a lot of the male population seem to forget the concept of personal space. We’ve never met you before and you have no idea who we are, let alone our name. So why when we are in a queue do you think that you suddenly have a right to ‘accidentally’ touch our bodies? It was no accident you kept brushing up against us, nor is it an accident when you then turn and snigger at your gormless mates. They might be impressed you have touched a girl, but we definitely are not.

It is at this point in the night you start to consume far too much of our time and energy. A lot of boys seem to think it is a game to try and touch our bum as many times as possible, and this game isn’t limited to the dance-floor. There’s also the extended playground of the queue at the bar, the stairs, the taxi queue – the list goes on.

We spend our time staring at the literal dance floor so to avoid eye contact with any boy who might think that an accidental glance is an invitation to sleep with us.

And there needs to be a five second appreciation for our normal guy mates, who are out with us who are forced to be our dancing partners or momentary boyfriends just so we stop being harassed.

How hard is it to quite simply treat a woman with the respect? We’re not ‘asking for it’ – so please creepy boys, keep your dick in your pants and leave us alone.