Oliver Bridges is officially Brookes’ Maddest Fresher of the year

Where there is snakebite, there is this fresher

After a solid competition of big spenders, heavy benders and some really messed up stories, we can finally reveal Brookes' Maddest Fresher of 2017.

Winning with just under one thousand votes, Oliver Bridges is officially crowned with Brookes' Maddest Fresher of the year 2017.

He slid into first place as he beat his other 11 competitors with 22 per cent of the total votes.

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After capturing Brookes' hearts with his general rowdiness around Cheney while wearing his fake schoffel and tweed hat, he is undeniably the maddest fresher this year has to offer.

While he tries to sell tickets in the Sports Bar you can always see him repping his prized possession, a jug of snakebite. After which, Oliver spends long nights in H Block with a Tesco vodka in hand, trying to find the girl of his dreams.

When we awarded him this prestigious title, he said: "Happy to have won, came as a bit of a surprise. Not used to winning, as Sky Bet can probably back up.

"Next thing I need to accomplish is to shift those pounds, but I value a snakebite more. So that won't be happening anytime soon.

"Also like to thank the boys from home (the network) couldn't have done it without you. #sizeofthegeezer"."