The Brookes guide to getting and keeping a job at uni

If all else fails you can work for Daddy


Uni can be hard. You are under a mountain of stress from all angles, but money doesn't have to be one of them.

You have to somehow have enough time, money and energy to make it to the sports bar, nights out, then sleep off all of the hangovers while miraculously going to a few lectures to justify you actually being here.

Don't worry, we have done all the hard work, so here are some tips and tricks to help you get a job at uni. It'll make that overdraft last a little bit longer and make those nights out keep going all year long.

Decide what you want this job for

Actually, it is probably just to feed your VK addiction.

Figure out how much time you can afford to spend working

When faced with this balancing act, the best bit of advice that you can get is you are at uni to get a degree, not a part time job – put your degree first in your weekly timetable. You need to be economic with both your money and your time whilst at uni. You probably won't be able to hold down a full-time job and uni at the same time. If you can, well done. But if you are human, one will usually suffer.

Google Calendar

Colour. Coding.

If you are thinking about having a job at uni then organisation will be your best friend. Google Calendar is perfect for this, have a play around and, in the words of Mr Aladdin himself, it will show you a whole new world.

If you are really organised you might learn how to have time for Fishies and Fuzzies both in one night.

How much do you need to earn?

This is where budgeting will come in. A pain in the arse, but a god send if you can get the hang of it. Overdrafts will be a thing of the past.

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Accept that you will be paid minimum wage

If you are lucky it will be a little bit more but try and be realistic when carrying out your job hunt. Having a job at uni doesn't necessarily mean that you will be rolling in it, just slightly less broke.

Recruitment agencies

These come in many forms from hospitality, retail to security. They can be a long term option for the full length of your uni education or they can keep some money in your account until you find that Jack Wills job that you have been dreaming of. Think of the clothes, if that isn't motivation enough you may be a lost cause already.

Ask Brookes' career department for help

They aren't just there to help you find your dream job after uni, they can give you help with your CV, summer job, interview skills, part-time job, cover letter and more. They're pretty special people.

How to apply

It varies from company to company. Some will make you fill out a form so long it will feel like an essay, some will prefer to meet your gorgeous face.

Do what works for you

Things will change. You will have responsibilities, deadlines, friends, Fuzzies, Fishies, VK. Just remember to be flexible and if you manage to get a job, remember that you only need to work as long as it works for you. If it gets too much, re-assess and re-apply.

Oxford is a student focused town and someone is always hiring.

If all else fails there are always enough VK to drown your sorrows.