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We've received your nominations. We have heard your stories. There is only one thing left to do. Vote now for who you think should be crowned Brookes' Maddest Fresher 2017.

Emily, Criminology

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According to her friends, Emily is a 'mad cunt #skrrrrtt'.

Oliver, Business and Management

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His friends claim that he should be crowned because of his general rowdiness around Cheney in his fake schoffel and tweed hat. His most prised possession is, of course, a Jug of Snakebite. All day and everyday he is trying to sell tickets to people at the Sports Bar. You'll see Oliver nearly every night in H Block with Tesco vodka in hand, trying to get that girl he has been searching for. But let's give the bloke a break, he will buy you a pint of snakebite at the sports bar.

Hugh, Real Estate Management

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Hugh is a lover of a good night out and has already streaked down Cowley Road, drunk his own piss to avoid having his eyebrows shaven off and got with a girl in Emporiums ball pit on top of his mate.

Catherine, International Hospitality Management

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She should win just because she's completely off her rocker.

Rory, Real Estate

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He spent £2,000 in Freshers' Week. Two Grand.

Roddy, Sports, Exercise and Physical Education

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Roddy dislocated his shoulder playing for OBURFC 1st XV and still went for a two week bender. Despite being on heavy prescription painkillers, he still continues to strawpedo those VKs on a Wednesday night.

Teppei, Marketing

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This first year apparently lost his Japanese passport in the Emporium ball-pit during Liberal and yet still continued to party hard.

Alice-May, Planning and Property Development

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She swapped from Westminster to Cheney in Week Three and already has four puffer jackets.

Sam, Business and Marketing Management

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Sam had an assingment due but still went out the night before and came back three hours before the deadline.

Rees, Business Management

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Rees vomited on himself after not making it to Fishies so Rugby League had to carry him home where he paraded round naked in a house full of girl housemates. Sexy.

Mike, Business and Management

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He spent only three hours sober for the whole of Freshers' Week.

Ellie, Anthropology

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Ellie has so far gotten kicked out of two clubs and a pub, apparently ate a house spider for free Mcdonalds and has managed to fall out a tree twice. She has gone out every night, can only remember two of them and even spent £1,500 in Freshers' Week.

According to her friends, she steals salt shakers, beer mats and loo roll from each pub she goes to. If you see this girl around she's most likely black out drunk and probably having a great time.