Clubbers of the Week: Week Four

Warning: contains way too many jokes about BJs

So deadlines are coming up which means one thing – you still haven't started them. But who needs a degree when you're knee-deep in VKs during the sweet, sweet release of a night out?

We've compiled the finest photos of you that should be on Mummy and Daddy's mantelpiece. This is the clubbers you want to show your Grandma.

At least she wouldn't have to bend down?

sorry, too far x

Who the FUCK puts a human in a duck?

This is so messed up.

The first stage of getting a blowie

"omg, I didn't have to push her head down or anything"

and the other three

"Hi, we are looking for our virginities, can you help us find them?"

"Little do they know, we still have them"

Aw that's so sweet, she's helping him get an eyelash out his eye

When a sports lad tells you he wants commitment

jokes, that'd never happen

'Stop, don't talk to me, loser, lame-ass, wannabe'

"No, honestly babe, your makeup looks great"

Go home. You're drunk.

"I don't know him"

When she texts you saying 'U up?'

nighty night ?