Nominations are now open for Brookes’ Maddest Fresher 2017

This is the only award you will want to win

So Freshers’ Week is long gone yet the principal still remains – freshers are still fresh and the sesh still goes on. If you or a friend are still rocking up at 6am après shag and ready for another big night ahead, then you could be what we are searching for.

We are looking for the messiest of the messiest, the craziest of the craziest and the fresheriest of the freshieriest to be crowned Brookes’ Maddest Fresher for 2017.

Previous winners have maxed out their overdraft in a week, have allergies to VK but keep drinking them anyway and stripped naked around halls. So if you, or someone you know, are worthy of such an honourable title, complete this form below.