Clubbers of the Week: Week Three

One, twice, three times a clubber

Hurricane Ophelia may be making tracks through the UK, but nothing is going to blow you away quite like this week's clubbers. So, crack open a cold one, kick back and enjoy the ride.

Real friends will never let you miss out on your chance to be in Clubbers of the Week

Is that a rolling pin in your pocket or are you just excited to see me?

Some of us clearly aren't over Kem offering to suck Chyna's third nipple in Casa Amor

Guess who is the only one that's sober for October

"Hello, you've reached the virgin hotline, how may I direct your call?"

I named my penis "The Truth" because bitches can't handle it

"Hi, my name's Sam and today I will be singing…"

The male orgasm

The female orgasm

Trying to sneak past last week's awful one night stand like

When you buy her a drink and then she disappears

I will find you and I will take you home.

I will find you and I will take you home.

Who's fresher is this?

"I'm not into pearl necklaces, but if you did it with a VK…"