Spitting on patios and urinating on cars: Brookes swim soc on the anti-social behaviour watch list

Could not be more Brookes if they tried

Last Wednesday was a wild night for all, with integrations and Basshunter headlining a sold out night at Fishies. Brookes swim society have been called into a disciplinary meeting today at the university after their social got out of hand and allegedly the police were called.

Supposedly people were photographed by neighbours of the Social Sec, urinating on cars and vandalising surrounding properties, whilst wearing their bright white Fishies swim t-shirts.

The house has apparently been put on an anti social behaviour watch list with the council. If they step out of line again, the house could face eviction.

One member of swim says it was "100 per cent the freshers, nobody from previous years would ever have behaved like that, it happened after most of us had left".

Oxford City Council considers Anti-Social behaviour to be anything that causes nuisance, annoyance, harassment, alarm or distress to one or more person not of the same household, or of somebody's occupation of residential premises. Meaning the events of last Wednesday made multiple people feel unsafe and uncomfortable in their own homes.

The residents of the property were not all part of the swim society. One posted a statement on the Facebook group, confirming they are at risk of being kicked out of their house after members of the soc were "spitting on people's patios", vomiting in the house, pissing on cars and vandalising the gardens surrounding the property.

Despite being considered "tame" by most members of the society, this year's integrations were clearly too much for the freshers. They included eating cinnamon, onions and doing multiple shots.

A spokesperson from Oxford Brookes Swimming Society said:

‘Whilst Oxford Brookes Swimming Society takes accusations of anti-social behaviour extremely seriously, after an internal investigation it has been found that these allegations are not founded in truth. Rest assured that any further allegations will also be dealt with in a swift and professional manner and any action taken will be proportionate to the misdemeanour. However in this case the investigative team here at Oxford Brookes Swimming Society do not deem it appropriate to take any further action due to the findings. The committee asks that this unfortunate situation be left in the past, further false allegations published will be seen as libel and treated as such.’