UberEATS has officially launched in Oxford

They deliver food straight to your door within half an hour

The ever-growing culinary delivery service, UberEATS, has finally arrived in the quintessentially British city of Oxford. They have collaborated with over 20 restaurants in the area, bringing delicious and culturally infused delights to your doorstep.

With the looming season of autumn kicking in, it’s getting harder to resist the thought of staying in bed all day and not leaving your room. There’s no food left in the fridge and the thought of beans on toast makes you feel feverish.

But have no fear, all you have to do is download their free app and you will have everything at your finger-tips, with their simple and easy system you will have access to a plethora of the takeaways and restaurants that are available in Oxford.

At the moment, this ranges from brands such as Bella Italia and La Cucina to Mission Burrito and The Rusty Bicycle. In addition to this, links have been associated with restaurants such as Malikas and Chozen Noodle.

Catering for all times of the day, UberEATS operate from between the hours of 8am and 12am. So, come rain or shine (probs rain), Uber-EATS will be out in their forces, either driving or cycling to your chosen location.

UberEATS will be working next to familiar delivery company Deliveroo who have been in business in Oxford since 2005. However, Uber’s unique advantage is that they are promising to deliver within 30 minutes of ordering. 30 MINUTES.



Never the less, you need not to relinquish on the idea of indulgence and luxury as there is a multitude of impossibly scrumptious restaurants to choose from, delicious and speedy, you will be spoilt for choice.

And they deliver in 30 minutes, did we mention that already?