The technophobe, the legend and the fit one: Every lecturer you’ll have at uni

From the try hard to the hottie, we’ve got them all

We all have our favourite lecturer – they might be really fit, can’t work the slide show, or are a general BNOC in the lecturing world.

There’s no doubt though that amongst your favourites are the few you just can’t stand, the one who goes over by ten minutes every time, the try hard or the one who talks in the same monotone for an hour.

Whoever they are, we’ve got them below.

The young hottie

Every uni has one, the young, hot lecturer who you can’t believe is not a model. Every 9am begins with you considering whether it’s all the VK from the night before or if Leonardo DiCaprio is in fact teaching you in Willow. They might be decades older than everyone in the room but that doesn’t stop you and your friends stalking him on LinkedIn and fighting over who gets to sit at the front and buy his latte in the break.

The Queen of Powerpoints 

Really? £9,000 to listen to this lecturer read the slides out. To make this worse, they move to the next slide when you’re half way through making notes, as though you don’t need that really useful quote which your coursework depends on.

The try hard

The one who tries a little bit too hard to be cool. This is accompanied with topic related jokes and swear word after swear word. They just wanna be like you because they still think they are students. They can’t wait to hear about what you got up to at the weekend and like all your Facebook photos from Freshers’ Week.

The one that loves talking about themselves

“When I worked in the industry” blah blah blah, me me me.

The “what course is this again?”

Everyone has that one lecturer who has absolutely no clue what is going one. The only reason they ask questions so often is just to give them an insight to which course they are lecturing. They just repeat the same simple point over and over again, we think this is for effect but really it’s because they can’t remember anything else to say.

The waffler 

Not only do you get taught the syllabus, you get to learn loads of other stuff you will never need to know. Unfortunately for them, they only have three hours to overwhelm you with irrelevant information whilst you glance around the room, looking for an escape.

The legend

The man, the myth, the legend. The best lecturer on campus and academic equivalent of a BNOC. They are just the right amount of cool, never wear the same outfit, give you all the info you need to pass the course and bring ‘refreshments’ in on the last day, what’s not to love about this one?

The outfit repeater

You see this lecturer once a week and yet they are always wearing the same outfit, pretty much like a uniform.

The technophobe 

This lecturer 100 per cent missed the training day where they had to turn on a computer, show a YouTube video (with sound) and even use a pen instead of a quill. They hate absolutely everything to do with technology or anything modern for that matter. They are usually late as well, because the idea of wearing a clock on their wrist is just too exhausting.

Oxford Brookes University