50 per cent of Brookes students are voting Conservative in the upcoming election

Compared to 32 per cent Labour

Oxford Brookes students participating in The Tab’s snap election poll have voted mostly in favour of the Conservative party, with 49.75 per cent of the total vote.

32 per cent of the Brookes students polled said they were voting Labour, where as the Liberal Democrats only had 13 per cent of the vote.

The survey was completed by more than 200 people. Respondents were asked which way they were voting and reasons for doing so.

More than 50 per cent of voters said they chose their party based on policy, however nearly 20 per cent said they would vote for a party because there wasn’t a better option. Five per cent said they were just copying how their parents vote.

Conservative voters chose them based on Tory policies mostly, however over 14 per cent said they voted because of Theresa May. They also had the highest percentage of voters saying they were copying their parents at 8.9 per cent.

60 per cent of Labour voters say they were voting based on policy, however very few voters cited Corbyn as leader as their reason.

A small majority of Lib Dem voters said they voted based on policy, but an almost equal number said that they considered it the least bad option. They also had no one say they were voting based on the leadership of Tim Farron.

If you haven’t registered to vote yet, go do it now! It’s really easy and only takes five minutes. Registration closes at 11:59pm on 22 May.

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