We asked students how they secure a study space in the JHB

Packed tighter than the 10:58 U1 on a Monday

As the end of semester two draws ever closer, the time has come to reflect on our study habits. Exams are well underway, and with everyone rushing off to the JHB to study, you’d better believe that it’ll be easier to find a reasonable meal deal in the Colonnade, than it is an empty seat on the platform. We asked seasoned revision buffs for their tips on how to secure a prime study spot in the JHB, and if they can’t find one, where to go instead.

Lena, Second Year, Joint Honours Business with Psychology

Try and arrive early, if not then go to Headington Hill Site.

Robbie Dee, Second Year, Sports Coaching Physical Education

Get friends to save it, if not then go home.

Callum, Sport and Exercise Science

Walk around, try and get lucky. If not, then stay there and wait for a free spot.

Huyy, Third Year, Economics Finance and International Business

Put your bag there, so people know someone’s there. If you can’t find one then sit on the floor on the platform.

Sami Eyles, Third Year, Economics Finance and International Business

Make sure I know people who are there already before I go. If I can’t find a space when I get there then I walk around until I do.

Harry Parkin and Arabella Wilson, Second Year, Geography and Early Childhood Studies

If there’s a plug, and coming in early to secure a space. If not, then go home or to a coffee shop.

Naoise Tan and Ida Skoglund, Third Years, Law

Get here early and put bags on seats to secure the space. If not, then go to a classroom somewhere else.

Veronica Widen, Second Year, International Relations and Sociology

Reserve pods, I usually find somewhere but will have to look quite a lot. If not, then I go home.

George and Ben, Music and Politics and International Relations

Come at a random time, never any spaces. So, we usually work at home.

Jack, Second Year, Law

Ask a friend to get in early and safe a space. If not, then I go elsewhere e.g. Deli, Terrace, Union Hall.

Dami, studying Sociology and Education Studies

Put your stuff down or ask someone to save a space. If there are no spaces here, then I go to Gibbs.

Jaskaran, Second Year, Maths

Wander around aimlessly looking for a space with a power cord, and spaces that aren’t completely silent. If I can’t find a space then I go to the closest cafe and revise there.

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