Brookes’ BNOC of the Year: Round six

10/10 would bang these 10/10s

It is the last round that our Brookes’ finest can fight for your votes before the title of BNOC of the Year 2017 can finally be won.

James Shirley, 2nd year, Business and Marketing

James was last seen on Brookes’ Take Me Out, finding love in Emporium. Some say he brought a girl back from Embargo’s to Oxford. His friends warn that if you have a girlfriend, she definitely knows Shirley.

Michael Andrews, 3rd year, Motorsport Engineering

Andrews has done everything at Brookes from doing Gentleman’s Fight Night to waking up in the JHB basement after May Day. When he is not swiping right, he is either at the Brookes gym pumping the iron down the City Arms with two pints of lager and a packet of crisps. Also he is mates with 50 Cent.

Harriet Hobson, 2nd year, Psychology

Hobson co-founded the new society Oxfit and can be spotted at Fishies every week. She designed the cheerleading team’s uniform and was even on Celebs Go Dating. Sassy af.

Jamie Pierce, 2nd year, Robotics with Computer Science

In the middle

Jamie has to talk to everyone when he’s in Fishies. He play American Football in his free time and apparently knows everyone.

Finn Watts, 1st year, History and International Relations

His friends describe him to have “the biggest forehead at Brookes”.

Freddie Goodall, 6th year, Real Estate

He is famous.

Noah Kelsey, 4th year, Business and Spanish

Noah is considered to be the cheekiest chap at Brookes and he is a two-time ski trip Valley Rally winner. He has done pretty much everything, from King of the Ring to breaking a world record at Brookes. You can find him either at Cafe Babas or doing back flips in Fishies.

Morgan Sparrow, 2nd year, Real Estate

He is basically the boy version of Gretchen Weiner.