Brookes’ BNOC of the Year: Round five

If you’re reading this, and haven’t been nominated, it’s proabaly too late

The stakes couldn’t be higher as we reach the penultimate round of this year’s BNOC competition.

Here is today’s line-up of the biggest names on campus, who are still tirelessly competing for your vote.

Dougal ‘the Heartbreaker’ Forsyth, 1st year, Business with Marketing Management

On the left

Dougal is known for being a bagpipe player, a certified kilt wearer and in 1st XV rugby. He has got with the hottest girls Brookes has to offer, and broken many a heart.

Tom Boon, 1st year, Real Estate

Tom is very well known by everyone and apparently can pull anyone without even speaking to them. He is also known to have conquered Fishies.

Holly Miles, 1st year, Politics and International Relations

Everyone knows Holly for being the most indie girl on campus and how she can pass modules without attending any lectures. She is also always complimented on her tattoos, and is soon to add Harambe to her body of masterpieces. Sleep tight sweet Prince.

Hassan Abbas, 1st year, Accounting and Finance

Hassan lives in Wheatley yet always manages to be late to lectures. He has already spent all of his overdraft. He once jumped into the River Thames to prove Liverpool FC are better than Man United, which then resulted in a trip to the hospital.

Lawrence Maltesia, 1st year, English and CMC

Lawrence is know by his peers to be the King of Crescent.

Chris Ronan Watson, 2nd year, Motorsport Engineering

His friends say that he should be BNOC of the year because he’s Chris.

Hayley Creech, 2nd year, Economics

She is always out and forever appearing in hilarious club photos. Hayley’s friends describe her to be annoying but still funny as fuck.

Sam Burrows, 4th year, History

Sam is a Red Bull Brand Ambassador for Brookes, and also happens to be the Social Sec of Snow Sports. Find him around JHB chirpsing girls on the third floor.