Brookes’ BNOC of the year: Round four

They’re all fit, but only one can progress through to the next round

Here is the next line-up of hopeful BNOCs waiting for your vote to get to the final.

Ben Hurdman, 3rd year, Sports Pedicology

After making it to the final last year, he is back again. He’s also been on Take Me Out, don’t you know? Let the BNOC candidate, see the finish line.

Will Cherrett, 2nd year, Geography

He’s a tennis enthusiast, Fishies fanatic and an all-round cuddly bear. Everyone who meets Will instantly loves him.

Harriet Trundle, 1st year, Business Management and International Relations

On the right

She is just such an outgoing person.

Daniel Gajetic, 2nd year, Accounting

He’s a giraffe and everyone remembers him for this; can be seen in Bridge and O2 on the regular. Most well known for having seven toes per foot, and vodka being unsafe in his presence.

Bart Kesek, 3rd year, Business

You’ll often see Bart around campus working hard (or hardly working). In his spare-time he is the CEO and founder of Shuttergang, a power movement in the community of car lovers. If you don’t know Bart from Shuttergang, you’ve almost definitely seen him at Fuzzies or O2 taking the hottest night club photos you’ve seen this year.

Charlie Applewhite, 6th year, Mechanical Engineering

In his 6th year of Brookes as he just can’t seem to get away. Charlie can be found on the ski trip drinking his body weight in alcohol. His comfort zone is the Cowley Retreat where he knows every bouncer and barman. Charlie is a long standing player for rugby league and admittedly can never stay for ‘just one drink’.

Most well known for always smashing something at parties, and can strawpedo a bottle of wine in four seconds. He has been a student at Brookes all his life.

Finn Meades, 2nd year, Law

He is known for having a ‘shit lid’ and tensing in his profile picture.

Hope Ladham, 2nd year, Business and French

Hope is known best for her bum and being the fittest second year.