Brookes’ BNOC of the year: Round three

Here’s the next bunch of our most popular on campus

Vote below for your favourite nominee in their endeavor to be crowned BNOC of the year.

Joshua Roche, 2nd year, Business and Management

On the right

He seems to know everyone as he is an Ox Events ticket rep.

Tom ‘Ginger Tom’ Wisniewski, 1st year, Business Management and International Relations

Tom is known to be an all-round nice guy who cares a lot about his friends whatever the problem. He is involved in everything and always up for the sesh.

Hope Turner, 2nd year, English Literature

She is Social Sec of the poetry society, a bit odd, but you still want to shag her, don’t you?

Ian Whitehead, 3rd year, Sport, Coaching and Physical Education

He is the American football team Co-President as well as the team’s defensive captain, fought in King of the Ring and made Wahoo’s obituary. Ian is well known on campus and is always the ‘nice guy’ to everyone.

Harry Bower, 3rd year, Engineering

On the left

Bower is considered to be a lover, a great bloke, an educator, noble and a drinker. Harry is dedicated to the sesh and he is seen at bridge at all times. He is also rugby union treasurer, and you would find it hard to go to Fishies with him without being stopped by men and women alike all wanting a photograph or a good old political rant.

Rowan Jones, 3rd year, Psychology

Rowan has the biggest breasts at Brookes, massive arms and is an even bigger legend. She can’t walk through uni without chatting to everyone.

Calvin ‘Mercedes-Benz’ Martin, 1st year, Business Management and International Relations

He is a promotion expert and nice guy too.

Reece Davey, 1st year, Architecture

Reece is most know for having shaved his head whilst naked at Après on the ski trip.