Water leak on Marston road has resulted in limited water for Clive Booth

Residents have been asked to use water sparingly

There has been a major water leak on Marston Road, resulting in loss of water pressure affecting many Clive residents.  The leak currently affects those in blocks N-X of Clive Booth and the Post-Graduate centre.

Thankfully, Thames Valley have some reserves of water meaning that there will be a very limited amount of water still available in the area. Blocks N-X and the Admin block currently are without water entirely and Post-Grad has only a minimal reserve remaining. Luckily, blocks A-M have only been affected slightly with minimal disruption.

Clive Booth maintenance are asking for students to limit their water usage and take shorter showers until the problem is resolved.  In order to limit their own water usage in the area, Clive Booth Maintenance are post-poning cleaning in the affected blocks until later in the week.

According to Clive Booth maintenance: “Thames Valley water are currently fixing this issue and are due to send an update later today.”