Finally, two students have organised a boat for May Day this year

‘It’s going to be a big one’

What makes a student want to come to Oxford? Not the promise of a world-class education, or the dazzling architecture. It is of course, for May Day.

This year however, to the dismay of May Day boat lovers, there are only plans for one boat. This has been booked by the Snow Sports Society.

In a dramatic turn of events, riding over Magdalen Bridge on their white horses to the rescue, two Brookes’ students have made the bold decision to give us the boat party we’ve been craving.

It’s just so pretty

Two second years, Kate and Alex, have taken it upon themselves to provide a May Day boat party – all without even going through a repping company. The event promises a fully stocked bar, Brookes’ favourite resident DJ’s, and state of the art sound and lighting.

Kate, one of the organisers, claims it’s going to be ‘a big one.’

She also says: “People can expect to get very messy, with the hope of staying alive until 6am for the carnival”.

One of the other organisers, Alex, said: “Initially it just started out as an idea that I wanted to be around as many of my friends as I could for the Mayday celebration. I went on a boat party last year with a few mates and really enjoyed it, though maybe it would be a good idea to get my friends on board (excuse the pun). Kate and I then thought about the logistics of it, and then decided we could probably hold our own boat party as long as we could get our mates to come. The boat wasn’t cheap, so unfortunately we couldn’t make the tickets much cheaper for our fiends; we’re not in it for the money really so we’re not overcharging our friends either. We will be hiring a DJ through the boat company, but we will play the music that we want.”

Bring on the boats!