Clubbers of the week: Diss hand in special

Diss is the end, hold your breath and count to ten

Alas, the diss is done.

“Haiii ladiessss”

Salt bae 2.0 on the right

Fishies essentials

Spread the word hunnehhh

All the lads

Sponsored by Adidas

Pink hurr don’t curr

Rock on bitchezzz

No animals were harmed in the downing of this vodka

“That’s my fucking eye Cindy!”

“Cindy blinded me but I’m ok”

So much is happening in this photo

How to: Grace face

“It’s fockin freezin’ lads”

How big?

They are defo not students

“Babe is my tongue blue?”

“Daymmn they fine”

Living with my bitches #live