Everything you’ll learn when you start lifting as a girl

the weights room doesn’t get any less scary

You could say that you used to go to the gym before, but in reality it was probably more like going for a quick chat with the girls and a faster than usual stroll on the treadmill, with a few half arsed sit ups thrown in to make yourself feel that you had done a ‘workout’.

When you figure out that paying for a membership out of your own student loan is the best motivator there is then you’ll start to learn a few things besides how many fit guys are there.

You are stronger than you think

My little sister is a swimming coach and when the kids are nervous she gets them to stand next to the pool put their hands on their hips and shout as loud as they can ‘I HAVE GOT THIS!!!’.  Now I  am not saying do this in the gym but shouting it in your head does help.

 It never gets less awkward changing in front of complete strangers

Like a lot of things in the gym you just have to remind yourself not to make eye contact, do what you need to do and try your hardest not to give a shit about anyone else, because in all likelihood they are probably trying to do exactly the same.

It’s mostly a mental process


Go at your own pace

It’s all in your head.  Remember YOU GOT THIS.  Just because the guy over there is lifting your body weight on one hand and barely breaking a sweat doesn’t mean you have to.  The gym is full of crazy people doing crazy things, go at your own pace but remember you get out what you put in.

The weights aren’t just for the boys

There is one place in every gym where the weights are, if you are like me you usually avoid this scary area.  You just have to remind yourself that you know what you’re doing and that anything they can do I can do better (maybe just a little bit lighter).

If I can do it anyone can

If you are anything like me you could very happily spend days on end sat on the sofa with Netflix and a pile of snacks as big as myself next to me, so if I can get myself down to the gym then you can too.

People do weird things at the gym

People wear weird things at the gym

I’ll just leave this here.  Seriously though you can pretty much wear anything.