Clubbers of the Week: Varsity Special

The only Reading we have done this semester

We had the Wall of Grey, the whole fifty shades of it.

“But Mum, no-one else brings their little brother to Fishies”


 Hooray! My virginity! Untouched for another night!


‘Boob VKs’, coming to a store near you


‘Every step you take I’ll be watching you’


He believes that his heart will…go on


I remember my first VK


When you’ve got Fishies at 11, but cookery class at 12


 The three stages of grief after an ugly pull


Twist and Pulse 2.0


‘Shall I compare thee to a summers day…’


‘Thou art more lovely and more temperate. Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May’


Sex, VKs and Rock ‘n’ Roll


When Bae is getting them gainz


“Wrong HOLE!” “Oops, my bad babe”