Clubbers of the Week: St Patrick’s Day edition

Yes, there was a leprechaun, you weren’t hallucinating

St Patrick’s Day: the one day of the year where day drinking is socially acceptable, and everyone pretends they like Guinness.

When there’s no dress up required because your facial hair has got your back


That VK must have been raw


The guy kissing her cheek wasn’t the 10 her mates promised her he was


Paddy’s Day crep check




“Hey girl, what that mouth do?”




Those post tactical chunder abs


Sometimes, the “kiss me I’m Irish” line pulls through


This girl certainly isn’t over her childhood fear of leprechauns


When your best mate starts partying with a new bae


Post-roast group photo


“Paint me like one of your Irish girls”


When your Galway Girl leaves you alone with randoms


Local girl refuses to conform to the culturally appropriated holiday tradition of wearing green; has better night for it




Even Gollum likes to let his hair down on public holidays


‘…there’s a FEAR in your eyes, saying you’ll never leave me…’


“Hang on, this isn’t my wife!”