Fishies night called ‘Tennis Hoes’ on International Women’s Day

Not the best name on a day that celebrates feminism

It’s International Women’s Day and The Ox Events have named their club night tonight at Fishies “Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes”.

We’re not sure what the Tennis team think about this, but referring to the female tennis skill set as a ‘hoe’ in comparison to the golf ‘pro’s’ hasn’t been viewed as a compliment.

One Brookes student Mimi Sala tweeted:

A spokesperson for The Ox Events said: “Fishies is a night that welcomes student of all sexes, beliefs, orientations and backgrounds who want to have a great experience every Wednesday.

“Over 1000 students speak with their feet every week and make the most of their students days in Oxford.”

Fishies changed their name earlier in the year due to student complaints about its meaning, but some feel they are still pushing the boundaries when it comes to gender equality.