Brookes Chancellor Katherine Grainger has been given a damehood

she’s Britain’s most decorated female athlete

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Oxford Brookes Chancellor Kathrine Grainger has been awarded a damehood by the queen for her achievements in sport and beyond. Dame Grainger became the most decorated female athlete in Britain after winning silver at Rio, and is the first British woman to win a medal at five successive games.

After the ceremony, she said: “It’s wonderful… Although the title has been usable since January, it still doesn’t feel quite real. As an athlete it’s not something you ever realistically aim for, or think about, so for it to be awarded is incredible”

She will hold the position for seven years, and has now retired from rowing. Dame Grainger also holds a PhD, MPhil and an LLB.

Vice Chancellor Alistair Fitt said: “Katherine is a real inspiration to our staff and students and it is entirely fitting for her to have received this significant honour.”

Lets hope MNB gets an appearance by Dame Grainger sometime soon.