We asked students to describe Eduroam in three words

The general consensus is that it’s pretty shit

It’s coming up to mid-semester deadlines and stress levels are high. All around us kindly adding to that stress is the ‘lovely’ Eduroam.

We chattered to some students in JHB and asked them to sum up Eduroam in three words

Conor, Business and Marketing, Fresher

Really quite shit

Archie Trower, History, second year

Universal, fast, unreliable

Rob, History, second year and Ryan, Economics, Politics and International Relations, second year

Barely, fucking, works

TJ and Natalie, fourth year, Hospitality

‘Could be better’

Beth, English Literature, second year

Annoying, bad, slow

Olivia, English Literature and Theatre, second year

Awful, horrendous, frustrating

Matthew Hargrave, Law, second year

Fucking shit WiFi

Maisie, English Literature, Fresher

Unreliable, fast, useful