The Singles Survival Guide to Valentines in Oxford

As Razorlight once sang “Oooh darling who needs love?”

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Valentine’s day on your own can be tough, but when you live in Oxford there are loads of things to block out all of those annoying couples trying to out love each other.


Where else would you be on a Tuesday night? There is no excuse for missing out on the opportunity to spend £30 on enough hulks to turn you green. Flaunt your singleness by finding someone steamy on the dance floor.

Try eating out alone

You don’t have to share your food. You are free to pig out as much as you like and enjoy your meal without someone sticking their fork in to steal your chips.

Have a flat party

Push all the couples out for one night and show the world all the benefits of being single. Make your pres or party more lit by playing games such as battle shots and ride the bus.

Do a work shift

If you have a part time job, particularly one that involves tips, try and take up the opportunity to work on Valentines. All the loved up couples will feel so sorry for you working and being single on Valentines so you can exploit them for tips.

Invest in a snuggle buddy

Who needs a partner to cuddle when you could have a warm and fuzzy soft toy, that won’t hog the whole of the single bed so you can starfish to your hearts desire?

Sit in the library and study so you will forget what day it is

Don’t worry I’m joking.

Cafe Baba

The cocktails aren’t that expensive and no one ever leaves that place sober… you can’t really go wrong with it. Plus if you’re female the bar tenders are very complimentary.


Use it for compliments and if you’re really desperate for a Valentines.

Thirsty Meeples

Take a mate and go and play some games at the only board game  cafe in Oxford. It’s a bit of a monopoly.

Be Bridget Jones

Even if you think your main relationship in life is going to be with two men called Ben and Jerry, remember that you can still have a great time even if you’re just sat in your pyjamas listening to Sad FM.