Everything you missed on Brookes’ Take Me Out

One guy downed a bottle of wine in under 10 seconds to impress the ladies

Last Thursday, love was in the air for fourteen Brookes students as they embarked on the quest for love. These lucky ladies went on Oxford Brookes’ very own Take Me Out special at Emporium and here is what happened.

It was hosted by a previous Take Me Out contestant

Ben Hurdman went on the show back in 2016, managing to bag himself a trip to the Isle of Fernando’s.

There were two blackouts

The very first two rounds resulted in a blackout for these unlucky boys, leaving them with only the loving touch of a VK and the sweet attention of Mustafa in Kebab King.

One lucky girl got to go on stage

Light switch at the ready

With two girls leaving the stage with their newfound lovers, there was a gap in the line-up. So Ben, the host, grabbed the very excitable first year, Katie, to come on stage as an honourary girl.

The pick-up lines of the century were made

One of the girls looking for love, Lou, dropped the line of the night with “have you got sugar on your arse because they are some sweet cheeks”. This was swiftly followed by Tyler, another girl on the show, saying to the final boy “if you were a pancake, I’d flip you over”.

Four girls found love

The girls ready to find love

Chosen by the lads, the four girls managed to win a date to Nando’s just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The talents consisted of drinking, drinking and more drinking.

The legend himself

You cannot say Brookes students have no talent after watching what the guys have to offer. In fact, three boys in total showed off their drinking skills to impress the judging ladies. Deemed as the most impressive, Fred managed to down a bottle of wine under 10 seconds. That’s going straight on his CV.